Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finding Your Happy Place...

For those of you who know me personally, you have heard me speak lovingly about my happy place. It has sparked a lot of attention as people want to know, what is this Happy Place? How do I find my Happy Place?
I am going to tell you about my special Happy Place and share with you how to create and enjoy your very OWN Happy Place! 
My Happy Place~
My happy place is an actual destination.  A beautiful beach that holds all of the sacred ingredients that create my happy place.
These elements include...
I didn't always have this clarity on my happy place.  It just sort of evolved over time, with patience. Now I see that I have subconsciously created this space.
Let me describe to you how this came to fruition...
Years ago I fell into a beautiful beach community. This place was where I came year after year to vacation with my family and extended family. After coming back so often, I developed relationships with other beach loving people that visited this magical place by the sea. Eventually these people became my beach family, born from the common love of our happy place. These kindred spirits (including myself) carve time out of our lives and gather at our Happy Place every summer to spend time together having fun and making memories. The way we feel collectively when we are together combined with the common love for mother nature is the secret to the energy of the Happiness created. 
The Happy Place came to be because within out hearts our intentions are matched and brought into the light on this beautiful beach which sets the stage for unbounded joy to dance freely through life. And YES, we dance a lot here!!
Although, my happy place is a place, it also exists within me. I bring the blissful experience of this space into my life wherever I go. It is so much apart of me that it actually IS me... my happy place is in my soul.  
It breathes its existence into my mind, body and spirit as a tattoo in my aura to remind me always that I hold the power and inner joy to be in my happy place any time I wish. It is always with me.  Even when I'm not within the space, the space is within me. True happiness has a home within my heart and it is apart of my soul beauty.
I radiate it.
My intention behind sharing this is in hopes that you will be inspired to create your very own Happy Place in the world.  
Whether it is with a group of people or solo. It really doesn't matter, what does matter is that you discover it and allow it to be apart of who you are. So much in our lives seem beyond our control that it is hard to find a space where pure happiness exists. I encourage you to create it! Stop searching for it or waiting for happiness to find you. BE it NOW!
Think about it, dream about it.  Design your own Happy Place.   
Grab a journal and write about it...  
What is your Happy Place?  
What does it look like? 
What does it FEEL like?
How does it engage all of your senses?  Who is in your happiness tribe?

Your Happy Place is a place to be free.  It holds the thrill of abandonment from everyday life. Where peace and solitude are found. Unconditional love is felt amongst the people you surround yourself with and good vibes pulse within the waves as laughter and joy pours over you like sunbeams. The breeze kisses your skin with love and comfort and it creates an environment of bliss. Your belly tingles with excitement just thinking about being there.

This is what my Happy Place feels like for me. It is a home for my soul...

What does your Happy Place feel like?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Perfection is just an illusion...

We are all continually on a spiritual journey, called life. Along this spiritual journey, you are often confronted with things that you need to work on within yourself. This can be a place where people tend to get really stuck. When they realize that they are not "perfect".

As we have realizations about ourselves, we must recognize that it is just that - a realization an nothing more! These moments in life provide an opportunity to see our lives more clearly, acknowledge what we see and then let it go!

Letting go is where we struggle the most. Instead of releasing, we tend to work on trying to polish the issue, to make it perfect. This only gets you more stuck! While you are trying to 'work on yourself' by perfecting yourself, you could be trying to hold on to what you really need to just let go!

By not doing so, you are creating an illusion of perfection around the issue. We create internal dialogue around the issue, "If I just learn or master this then that thing will change and look better." Is this really true? Have you tried to let go of the need to perfect?

If you live within the mindset that you constantly must work on yourself in order to live up to unrealistic views of perfection, then you are only trapping yourself in a living hell.

When we are in this place of working on ourselves all the time, then we are missing everything! Missing the beauty of who you are underneath it all, which is absolutely perfect already. Why not just realize your flaws and then let go.

In this realm of thought, if you then want to master or learn something you are coming at it from an angle of really wanting to learn instead of from a place of needing to perfect yourself.

You are already perfect. By doing the polishing you are adding a mask and/or more layers of the miracle of the realization you've uncovered. Instead just accept, acknowledge, let go, and then create from a new space with crystal clear intentions.

Perfection is an illusion that keeps you stuck on thinking you need to work on yourself.
Acceptance is the gateway to freedom and self liberation.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How Do You Choose to See Yourself?

Acceptance is to see beyond the cracks of your mind, body, and spirit and instead look right at the center - into your heart.

In order to really see and accept who someone is inside, we must 'see the truth' of individuals as a whole. We must not judge, lay expectations, or decide for others how they are meant to act or how they should show up in our lives.  Accept people for where they are and seek the truth of their soul, within there is the real beauty.

There is NO perfect person. We all have work to do, we all know that. However, if we are striving to live in the present moment then we must see the beauty in the NOW. Acceptance is loving yourself in the now.  We must embrace the beauty, dig deep and surrender to all of the "imperfections" that exist in the now.  Our cracks are where our light shines through in unique and authentic ways.

Through my experiences, I have learned to LOVE the quirky ways of people! The tiny, imperfections that makes every individual unique. Living this way of life offers a fresh view for the seer into the soul of another. It makes me curious about what lies beneath the polished layers, and helps me to really listen to the unspoken tone of their soul within.

I say bring on the 'unpolished' people of the world!  BE RAW AND BE REAL!
This is what the world needs! Colorful! Eclectic! Eccentric!

I like to see my SELF as a raw and beautiful unpolished crystal. I love and embrace my cracks or what others may see as imperfections as they are my best accessories to really show ME :)

How do you choose to see yourself?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

See Your Life as a MIRACLE!

See your life as a MIRACLE!

"Miracles can be defined as a shift in perspective from fear to love."
- Gabrielle Bernstein, May Cause Miracles

It took me a long time of practice and commitment to shift my perspective towards seeing miracles all the time!  And now I see them everywhere, in everything, almost every single day!

This is not because I'm special or I possess a special clairvoyant gift. The reason that I see miracles every day is because I CHOOSE to.

I live my life in the perspective of seeing the good, the beautiful, the love, the lessons, and the miracles. I am fully aware and conscious to the fact that miracles exist everywhere! Within you, within me, surrounding us all.

The difference in my recognizing the presence of miracles is that I am not living my life searching for the negative. I don't choose to see what's wrong or what needs improving or what's not perfect, instead I always choose to see the positive before the negative. 

It will be honest, it's not easy to walk the earth living this way. You must train your mind to think differently from the way it's been taught to think all of your life. However, once you do master this new way of thinking and this refreshing way to live your life, I can promise you that this mindset will bless you with the gift of seeing the miracles all around.

Fill up with love, let to of fear, and choose to see miracles unfold right before your eyes!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So You Want to Be Beautiful?

Well you already ARE!
Release all of your negative, ugly thoughts. This is only creating a realm of stuck energy of hurt and unworthiness, trapped behind the layers of a false self that you have created.
Begin to recognize where these negative thoughts derive. Are these your true thoughts, or are they stemming from expectations and beliefs from others?

Your true radiant beauty lies beneath the layers of falsity that you’ve allowed to exist in your mind for too long.
Begin by releasing all of your ugly thoughts about yourself, the thoughts that I call 'Self Sabotage'. Holding onto these negative thoughts is very powerful and is only creating a realm of stuck energy of hurt and unworthiness, creating layers of false self. Get real about what you're telling yourself about yourself. You are not ugly, fat, stupid, or any other hurtful words that your mind may be tricking you into thinking. Ask yourSELF a powerful game changer question...
"Are these my truest thoughts or are they stemming from expectations and beliefs from others?"
I call this a game changer question, because when we answer truthfully it has the power to shift your perception and when we have a shift in perception, it changes our reality.

The REAL truth is….you already are beautiful!
Your task is to break down the layers that you have been hiding behind & allow your beauty shine through. In our world of materialism and social expectations, the concept of beauty has been mutated. The reality is that beauty has never and will never come from a syringe, or surgery, or even from cosmetics! As human beings, we love the idea of altering our appearance through these methods, and yes they can be fun, but they serve no higher purpose. Real beauty is radiant, unaltered, even flawed! Beauty already lies within us, it comes through us and shines outward. We are not beauty, beauty is us!

Truth is beautiful. The purity of our energy is determined by HOW we allow our beauty to present itself. Find purity in your diet, and you will rise to a higher energy. Find purity in your thoughts, and you will speak beautifully. Find purity in your heart, and you will find love in every moment you encounter. When we are pure in mind, body, and soul, we share our true beauty with the world.

Allow yourself to have fun, and enjoy your journey towards loving yourself and the beauty that you already possess! Just like make-up and clothing can change our image, we can do this for the energy of our beauty and show up in many different forms, because we are beautiful in many different ways! First, we must stay open and create the space for our beauty to shine, then we can play and accessorize it. This is having Soul Style. Our Soul style is unique, authentic, and absolutely beautiful. Your own brand of beauty that is couture to you. No other person on this planet can rock your soul style, own it!
Be brilliant. Be beautiful!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Time, Soul Style...

Who are YOU when your soul is free?

Summer is all about letting go.  Unplugging from our everyday lives to plug into the NOW.  When we unplug, we allow ourselves to let go of all the energies in our lives that feel heavy to us and instead, allow our souls to rest and dance in what feels light and free.

Summer organically carries the quality of releasing and letting go.

FREEDOM is the energy that is most present this time of the year and in order to feel fee, all the universe asks of us is listen to nature, surrender, and follow the moment to moment flow. 

3 Ways to Raise Your Vibration this Summer:

Let go of all schedules and allow spontaneity to show up! Avoid scheduling yourself so tight in order to make space for moments of nothingness. Notice what shows up and go with the flow! Let go of the what you've always known and allow the currents to dictate your direction without resistance. Spend quality time with yourself, meditating when you have quiet space and reconnecting with YOU. Let your soul guide your time and make your plans, if "plans" change, don't panic. Accept this change as an act from the universe for you to make time for an activity that did not exist in your day before. There is a part of yourself that has a different agenda from the action-based mind self.  Allowing for free time gives you space to let your soul speak and show the mind what it desires to do and experience.  Remember your spirit wants to be free and have some fun! So let it!

Unplug! Say buh-bye to social media, cell phones, addictive behaviors. This one is hard, we all know it. Take a moment, reality check. What are we all doing with our faces in our phones? Checking email, twitter and facebook and getting caught up in another world instead of being present to the world you're living in right NOW.

Do you even notice who you are with and what they are saying? Next time you reach for your phone, glance into the eyes of the person you are sitting next to instead. Make a connection, with the soul in front of you. You'll be amazed at what you will see.

The Challenge:
This Summer, I challenge you to join me in letting go! Together, lets let go of social media for the entire month of July!

Don't get me wrong, I love social media and think it is amazing! However, our social networking realm is not real life. Real life is being present to where you are. It is in looking at your surroundings and not at your phone. It is in listening to people speaking to you, not reading about others lives on facebook. It is in moving and getting active, not sitting with your mind engaged in someone else's story of how they are living their life!  It is great to be inspired by others, but this summer I challenge you to inspire yourSELF!

Get off your phones. Live and LOVE your life this summer! The result of this short break will help you find balance, peace, and serenity within your life and prepare you to get back to social media with a whole new perspective - feeling lighter, free, and less addicted!

Lets get back to what is real. What matters to us. Living in presence. Finding our truth.

You Can Do This!

Be daring and try something new. Go beyond your predictable behavior, and say YES to empowering your life! Make a list of fun things you would like to try this summer. Your list can include anything but just make sure that it is NEW and lights you up! When we have a new experience it changes us, always for the better.

You are here on this Earth to grow, expand, and step into your extraordinary self!

Try a water sport, take a drive to a new place you have never been, eat some new and interesting foods, take a class on a hobby you've always wanted to try, read a book that is completely out of the box for you, change up your workout routine to the outdoors.  The list is really endless! Focus on the new things you could try this summer and take action - DO IT!  Transform your self through your open mind.

Get a little crazy! It's SUMMER TIME PEOPLE!! Yes, get a little crazy and have some fun!  Dive into the pool of enchantment and allow yourself to be carried away with the magical starry nights of summer bliss.  Be free with your spirit!  Whether you are enjoying simply relaxing or partying like the rockstar that you are, just be sure to pour your soul into it and be present. Allow the change of the tides to take you to different places with yourself and watch the ripple effect in your life.

Make a commitment to yourself to detox from everyday life and refresh your spirit. Fill up on the good stuff in life and the tiny miracles of the present moment.
When we let our soul lead the way, we immediately come back to a place of total presence. I challenge you to let go, right now! Release your control on life and see where you land when you when you go with the flow.

Be bold, be free, be beautiful...  Believe, be love, be true to you...
As far and wide, remember there's someone who's thinking of you...
-David Newman

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Journey To My Soul


I have always been a curious soul, even as a child. I had touched on the experience of journeying inward to discover myself, but it wasn't until I was older that I started to go deeper with myself and started to become a self help junkie!

I began to read everything I could get my hands on in this extraordinary topic, but it was still sort of surface based for me.  I would jump from reading Gary Zukav’s seat of the soul to US magazine, in between two worlds.  I was curious but so buried in my life as a mother and wife that I was often taken off course. 

A few years later, after having my third child and returning back to work as a hairstylist, I began to feel myself having thoughts of "there is something else I need to be doing." The moment I really allowed this message to enter my journal is when it became real. I began to write every day focusing on how I was going to make a radical change in my life. Shortly after, I  quit my job and began to study every spiritual teacher I could! I felt this incredible surge of energy to learn, to grow, to expand!  This force was truly unstoppable. I'm sure my family and my husband thought I had lost my mind, but in my reality, I was FOUND.

I began to immerse myself in the teachings of this new way of life I was creating and went to coaching school, Feng Shui school, Fashion Feng Shui school, I studied energy work and became a Reiki Master, I found myself going on a miraculous workshop tour! I created my own business, Soul Style and my own radio show, Soul Sister Circle Talk show which was a blast to do! I also got deeper with my yoga practice and just recently became a 200 Hour RYT through Yoga Alliance. 

The real shift for me was about 2 years ago when I dropped into a committed and deeper meditation practice. My practice changed my life. Meditation taught me that I didn't need to keep endless searching and studying and taking workshops, rather what I was seeking all along is what I already had within mySELF. 

Thousands of dollars later, many highs and lows of peeling back layers along my journey, and here I am. I am truly HAPPY!

Do What You Love!

I created my business Soul Style as a reflection of all my studies and passions and complaining them into one with the intention of bringing them into service for others. I am a stylist to the SOUL. My intention is to teach people that they are not lost, broken or ugly, but in fact they are whole and perfect and BEAUTIFUL! 

I want to help people release their fear of change and find excitement in the process.  Change is the gateway to the liberation your soul desires, It is not to be feared but yet encouraged! I want to heal people, to help them return to soul based living. The energy that people put out into the collective directly effects the world we live in. I have a vested interest in the happiness of others because it effects my own life and every other individuals lives in this Universe. We all need to take responsibility for our own happiness and how it effects others. I am here to raise the vibration!

Lets Get Spiritual

I have many rituals, but the one thing that has helped me and continues to is my meditation practice. I have studied many forms of meditation and seemed to bring them all together for my own style. I believe we all have our own 'Soul's Style' of meditation.  

For me it waking up every morning, sitting for 30 minutes in a quiet space with some incense, my mala beads, oracle cards and always tons of crystals. I personally love the Primordial Sound meditation that I learned at the Chopra Center using mantras, and I seem to use this most often. My oracle cards and journaling are how I end my practice daily. I always ask for guidance from spirit and journal my thoughts. I believe that we are all co-creators on Earth and I don't move forward without checking in and invoking spirit first!

You Are Beautiful!

We are all here to be creative expressions of our souls evolution. I see the beauty in everything, and you can too.  I see the beauty in all people and the creative differences we all have just gets me so inspired for life!  What a boring world this would be if we were all the same.  I think it is a movement of authenticity that will shift our planet and change our world.  Authentic people GLOW!

When you begin to see your own Soul Style you slowly stop comparing yourself to others, you begin to see yourself as bright light in the world. Comparison to others begins to fall away when we realize we are art on to ourselves. There are 8-10 Billion people on this planet and no two people share the same soul.

We are all here for our own unique creative way to express the pure light inside of ourselves. We cannot begin to act 'as one' in this world until we have embraced the one within us and free ourselves to creatively express our beauty, our Soul's Style of expression  We are ALL beautiful!  

Unicorns & Shooting Stars

It seems to me that the million dollar question right now is "What is my Soul's purpose?"

Everyone seems to think it is kind of cool to throw around the term 'Spiritual', and I am all for it! I say everyone jump on the spiritual bandwagon! BUT...  Be ready... For it is not all unicorns and fairies and shooting stars.  

Some parts of the journey are, but other parts are down right scary and seem to be a lot of work! I know this first hand and believe that many other individuals who have embarked on their own spiritual journey would agree. It is painful to peel back all the layers of false self that you have either inherited from generations or have created for yourself along your life's journey. I believe that "healing" is a return to ones pure self.  What we seek is already within us. We just need to let go of all the false identities and false beliefs so that the gem within can see the light of day and radiate! This is what I have learned is called a practice. It is only through daily practice that we begin to shed and grow. It IS living life, that IS the spiritual journey. 

I believe that the universe IS always conspiring for our greatest good and I get excited about change now. I have unwavering faith that freedom is within my expression of my journey. Spirituality is not what you DO, it is WHO you are. It is HOW you live your life!  In every area of your life, your Soul Style shows up.

Now, when I hear people say, "I am on a spiritual journey", I passionately exclaim - well buckle up and enjoy the ride!